Event Date: 

On Friday 27th of October 2017 evening, Azaniafront Cathedral was graced by a Parent's Choir from Hamburg Germany, which perfomed a concert with the local Church choirs. The Choir comprised of Grandparents' parents and some youths who not only sang, but played several instruments as well. In presence was Bishop Dr. Alex Malasusa and HE Dr Egon Konchanke, German ambasador to Tanzania, Pastor Chuwa, and Pastor Mwaipopo who was the MC of the event. Bishop Malasusa said he met the choir in one of his trips to Germany and asked them if they come to Tanzania, to visit Azaniafront.

Azania choirs in presence were, Main Choir (Kwaya Kuu), Upendo, Women, Youth, Agape, Trumpet, and Union of all the Choirs at Azaniafront. Hamburg Choir perfomed two sessions of 20 minutes each and in between the local choirs were given time for a song each. At the end, all the Choirs joined in singing together the song 'Haleluja'

The event was broadcasted live by Upendo Media, and whole event was well received and went very smoothly.

After the concert the Hamburg Choir were invited to dinner with Pastors, Elders, and some of the Local Choir leaders.

                                      Left to right, Pastor Chuwa, Bishop Malasula, HE Ambasador Egon Konchanke and His Wife.

                                                   All the Choirs Singing 'Haleluja' together conducted by Elder Simon Jengo.

                                                                       HE Ambasador Egon Konchake giving a speech.

                             A Church Elder from the German Service presenting gifts to the visiting Choir, Ambasador and his Wife.


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